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What type of call is best for you?

Energy Reading 

Discover what you need to be healthier, happier, and more successful in your life. Energy Reading is a session where we focus on understanding emotional, and energetic blocks that create imbalances in your life. Tattoo/Birthmark Readings

Medical Intuitive Reading 

If you have been searching for the spiritual root of your illness click here to book a private session with me.  The objective of this reading is to understand the physical, emotional, and energetic blocks that are creating physical imbalances in your life.  

Soul Purpose Reading 

The time has come to discover who you truly are and the life purpose you were born to live. The call is perfect for those who feel stuck in their life and are looking for intuitive guidance on discovering who they are and why they are here. My gifts let me see and feel your purpose and help you align with it.

Autism/Special Needs

One of my favorite gifts is the beautiful blessing of communicating with Non-Verbal Children. It brings such light to my soul to share these special readings with these beautiful children and their families. These calls can include medical scans or just communicating with children and understanding their needs.
Book cover images of the My spiritual awakening is a shit show journal

A journal for those whose spiritual awakening is not hearts and flowers and magic...

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