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Meditation: Sacral Chakra and Divine Feminine

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We meditate to get in touch with our Sacral Chakra, a gateway to the most profound wisdom. It's our place of feeling, passion and pleasure. Our Sacral Chakra is a portal that can lead us to self-acceptance and self-love if we enter with an open heart. If we feel depleted of joy and wonder, our Sacral Chakra may be blocked—but it's never too late to open up this gateway. When you feel like the world weighs on your shoulders, take some time to breathe. Sit quietly and imagine a brilliant orange light radiating from your lower abdomen—that's your Sacral Chakra, and it's radiating with love for you right now! Allow yourself to experience this feeling for as long as you'd like. This meditation is from the Sacral Chakra: Part 1 Healing the Divine Feminine class. Students who are sensitive may find this class emotionally triggering and can be emotionally challenging for some. Be prepared to experience emotional healing as you take part in this powerful class that will shift your mind, body, and spirit in magical ways. Please remember: I deal in the spirit. Please consult your doctor for matters of the physical. Nothing contained in this website, our social media accounts, group calls, or other affiliations are meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. It is not a substitute for the replacement of care from a licensed physician or therapist or medical advice.

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