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Sat, May 25


Location is TBD

Healing the Inner Child and Heart: Spirit Fluent Live: Portland, OR

Dive into an exclusive evening with Stacee, indulging in live medical intuition readings and spiritual healing—an intimate, transformative journey.

Healing the Inner Child and Heart: Spirit Fluent Live: Portland, OR
Healing the Inner Child and Heart: Spirit Fluent Live: Portland, OR

Time & Location

May 25, 2024, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT

Location is TBD


About the Event

Healing the Inner Child and Heart

Our hearts have been broken, wounded by the traumas and pains of the world. We have lost years and friends during the pandemic. Our society carries a heavy and wounded heart.

Please join me for Spirit Fluent live in Portland, Oregon, for a special experience full of soul purpose, medical intuition, and heart healing. I invite you to open your heart to healing from your traumas and open your hearts so that we may heal not only ourselves but as a heart-centered community. Becoming heart-centered allows us to walk our true path and purpose.

Join me for a sacred Honey Ceremony, an integral part of our gathering, designed to align us with healing our hearts. This ceremony involves the symbolic use of honey, representing the sweetness of life and the healing power of nature, to anoint ourselves and each other. It's a profound act of connection to each other, the great Mother Earth, and the Creator, allowing us to embody the essence of healing, renewal, and unity. Importantly, the sacred Honey Ceremony is connected to healing the inner child and heart chakra, offering a pathway to release past hurts and open ourselves to love and joy in its purest form. In this unique and sacred healing ritual, find peace and joy as we commune in the spirit of love and transformation.

This will be powerful healing work, and I invite you to join me for this sacred experience.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your soul and body? To explore the depths of your being in ways you never imagined possible? This is your invitation to an evening where mysteries will unfold, and your life's hidden facets will come to light.

 ✨ Meet Stacee Live: A Event of Medical Intuition Readings & Spiritual Healing ✨ 

For one extraordinary evening, immerse yourself in the mystical power of medical intuition and spiritual healing with Stacee, a conduit to the unseen. Join an intimate circle of seekers, limited to only 40 fortunate souls, in a journey of discovery, insight, and profound healing.

What This Unique Experience Holds For You:

  • Personalized Insight: A few lucky audience members will  experience the unveiling of your health and spiritual pathways through Stacee's gifted medical intuitive readings as she gives personalized readings.
  • Deep Healing: Engage with healing energies as Stacee channels spiritual guidance, aligning your physical and etheric bodies.
  • Sacred Space: Feel the power of connection within an exclusive gathering, sharing the vibrational space of transformation and enlightenment.

This isn't just an event; it's a doorway to transformation, a rare opportunity to peer into the essence of your being, guided by Stacee's profound insights.

 With only 25 seats available, this intimate event promises an unparalleled journey into spiritual and health awareness. Will you be among the few to embark on this voyage of discovery? 

🌟 Reserve Your Spot Now 🌟

This is more than an event; it's a pivotal moment on your spiritual journey. Embrace the opportunity to explore the uncharted territories of your health and soul with Stacee.

Spirit Fluent: Where souls connect, learn, and transform.

Embrace your chance for a life-changing evening. Prepare to meet the deeper you.

Think comfy with a sprinkle of your unique style for the dress code. 

** Disclaimer:

Please be advised that the experiences and readings shared during "Meet Stacee Live" are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. The insights provided do not replace professional medical recommendations, diagnoses, or treatments. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Not all attendees will receive a personal reading, as participants will be selected randomly. This process ensures fairness and allows the energy of the evening to guide the readings.

Be mindful that personal information may emerge during a reading. If you prefer not to have potentially private details shared in this collective setting, we respect your choice. We kindly request that you opt for a marked nametag upon arrival, which will indicate to our host—Stacee—your preference not to receive a public reading.

Broadcast and Recording Consent:

This event may be broadcasted on social media or other platforms and will be recorded. By participating in this event, you consent to be potentially filmed and agree that your image and the personal information disclosed during readings may be shared publicly. If you have concerns about privacy or do not wish to be recorded, please consider this before requesting a reading or choose to communicate your non-participation in recordings by selecting a marked nametag.

Your understanding and respect for these parameters ensure a comfortable and uplifting experience for all involved. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a night of profound insight and connection.


  • In person ticket

    +$1.13 service fee



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