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I've got a very emotional time ahead of me. So much is changing. 4 months ago I graduated college. 1 month ago I moved away to live alone for the first time in my life. 3 weeks ago I started a new career. 2 weeks ago Stacee gave me a reading saying I was a wisdom keeper and gave advice on how to listen to my inherent knowledge. I started listening to the podcast and using the tincture. 3 hours ago I broke up with my partner of almost 5 years. It is not a mistake but it will be a long time until it is not painful. If anyone can send me some strength I would greatly appreciate it. Much love everyone.

Laura Hollendoner
Aug 09, 2023

I'm sending so much healing love and light to you!! Whatever is not meant for you has to be cleared out and removed to make room for that which is. Focus on the great things that are coming your way because they ARE coming your way!! Sit tight through the storms. Hold strong you got this! Bless you!! 💕💕💕



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