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Hello everyone! Anyone know Or think they know their gift/s? I love hearing all the stories online about it. I had a spiritual “brick” hit me in the head. I still don’t know which ways up over here 🤣

Samantha Sunshine
Marissa Ridge
Lisa Challis
Lisa Challis
Lisa Challis
Jul 19, 2021

Hi, I’ve been inundated with a lot of gifts to sort through and I too are having trouble with what’s up or down lol. I started writing them down. Some May over lap as I’m only one month new:

  1. Healing

  2. Clairaudience

  3. Claircognises

  4. Clairofactance

  5. Clairsentient

  6. Clairvoyance

  7. Clairgustence

  8. Electro kinesics

  9. Telepathy

  10. Cyber telepathy

  11. Chanelling

  12. Astral projection

  13. Dividation

  14. Energy manipulation

  15. Retrocognition

  16. Oricle

  17. Biokinesis

  18. Interpreter

  19. Automatic writing and typing

  20. Precognitio/Premonition

  21. Chronokenises



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