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Walk the path of healer, become an Intuitive Life Coach...


There is no doubt in your mind that you were meant for something greater in this world.

Imagine a life in which you help others to transform their lives.

  • Helping people heal on a deep level feels like your calling.

  • There is no doubt in your mind that you were meant for something greater in this world.

  • The desire to help others is at the core of your being. 


Your intuition is your greatest asset. It's your best friend and your most trusted advisor, and it's always there for you.

But how can you make sure that your intuition is as powerful and effective as it can be?


That's where we come in! With our intuitive life coach certification, you'll learn how to develop your intuition and use it to assist others in transforming their lives.

What is Intuitive life coaching?

Intuitive life coaching is a specialized field that deals with helping people find their true inner purpose and lead happier lives by connecting them with their intuition and inner wisdom.
Intuitive life coaching certification is a bridge between the spiritual & mystical world and the coach's practical knowledge. The intuitive life coach certifies you to work with your clients on a whole new level. Learn how to use your intuition to help others develop their intuition.

If any of this sounds like it might be calling out to you, then we have some good news: there is an international coaching certification course available online OR in person (and no matter where you live).

What's Included?


Identify your own intuitive gifts and strengths. Help your clients develop their intuition & find their true inner purpose

Soul Purpose

Learn Stacee's unique methods for uncovering your soul purpose and helping others find theirs 

sacred Spaces

Creating Sacred spaces and how to set up an energetic or physical sacred space that will help bring out the best in your clients.

What is Included?

You'll learn how to use your intuition to read people's auras, understand their energy vibrations at a deeper level, find out what makes them tick, and more. We'll also teach you how to connect with your own inner wisdom so that it can guide you in helping others achieve their highest potential.

You'll learn the Soul Align Process ©, which will help you develop your intuition and assist others in transforming their lives. This is a safe, effective, and empowering way to reclaim your emotional healing. Through easy-to-use pressure points in the human body, this process works with your nervous system to release emotions and trauma that may have become frozen in the body in a powerful, non-invasive process that utilizes pressure points in the body to release emotions, trauma, and healing. 


When you're done with this course, you will have all the tools necessary for creating an effective coaching practice and helping clients find their inner truth. We'll also give you access to our exclusive community of coaches for ongoing support.


Start immediately with an online/in-person hybrid program that is over 175 hours long and covers everything from intuition to business strategy to self-care techniques for your clients. In this course, we'll teach you how to create a thriving coaching practice from scratch, develop your own style as a coach, and use intuition effectively in your work.

Included in this certification:

  • An online course with videos and written content. 

  • Live Zoom Training with Stacee for 12 weeks. You'll have access to this training once a week during the course, so you can ask questions as they come up and get feedback from mentors who have been in your shoes! After the 12 weeks, we will have monthly Q&A and lifetime group access

  • In-person Retreat March 18-25th, 2023. This retreat will be held in beautiful Arizona, where you'll spend time connecting with fellow students and learning with Stacee and Dez Stephens in person! 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your own intuitive gifts and strengths and those of your clients

  • Connect to your higher-self 

  • Learn to read Auras, Soul Colors and Soul Purpose Identification

  • Use simple Energetic Healing Techniques to help your clients 

  •  Utilize your own gifts and strengths as a life coach

  • Creating Sacred spaces and how to set up an energetic or physical sacred space that will help bring out the best in your clients.

  • Learn The Soul Align Process for supporting and energetic healing of your self and clients


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As a medical intuitive and ICF-credentialed intuitive life coach, Stacee's passion has always been helping people live their best lives. So she's partnered with Radiant Coaches Academy to offer you an Intuitive Life Coach program like no other. This program will give you the tools to help others achieve their goals and live their most fulfilling lives while learning to access and use your intuition. 

If you're ready to certify as an intuitive life coach and you want to get credentialed:

Join the Intuitive Life Coach Credential Program for only $3500. 

If you would join both the Intuitive Life Coach and Medical Intolight (medical intuitive certification), you will get a discount off of the $1500(for the medical intuition program) if you pay for both courses at the same time. Watch this video to learn about the program

******If you need a payment plan, those are available as well, please email ! We want this course to be accessible to as many as possible. Please be mindful of your personal finances and do not do anything that would be a financial burden to yourself or your family****

After completion of this course, you will be a level one Spirit Fluent Certified Intuitive Life Coach and get a diploma from Spirit Fluent as a certified intuitive life coach. You will be able to be listed on both the Spirit Fluent for new clients to discover you! 

**This certification is a pre-requisite to Stacee's Intolight© Medical Intuitive Certification Course, Launching in January 2023( Exceptions will be made for those that are already certified ICF coaches and medical professionals)

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If you need a payment plan Please email for information. 

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You are on the path to becoming an intuitive life coach

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