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Join date: Sep 24, 2021


Hi everyone. I have started my spiritual awakening. I am a magnet for negative energy. I attracted it so I can filter it. I received visions that I'm learning to trust as my truth. I've discovered that if I mediate and focus on someone even if I know nothing about them or even spoke/met them before, I can completely connect to them and actually open my 3 eye and see what they see. Once I receive more teaching to deepen my gifts I would love to tell my story as to how I discovered who I am. In the meantime, I am Tammy Rigoli, the only child of my deceased parents. (Dad died 2016) (Mom died 9/1/21) I am 56 years old. I have 3 grown children, a son 33 (married), a daughter 32 (engaged) and another daughter 29 (single), 7 grandchildren, and my baby dog, Sunshine. Aka: Sunny ☀️ My cousin Bridgitte and I live together. We are same age. I was married for 23 years to a man i thought was my forever. Turns out not so much. Presently, I am separated. If covid had not happen we would be divorced already.

For the record i was born on July 29, 1965 @2:05pm

In Vineland, New Jersey 08360. My zodiac sign is Leo. My moon sign Leo as well. And I am such a typical Leo it will impress you. Just so you all know now, I'm single and boy don't be hating.

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