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Spirit Fluent Membership Program 

Do you want to know who you are, and how to heal?

Do you want to understand your life purpose?

Do you have questions about your spiritual gifts, intuition, and soul healing?


Do you want to understand the spiritual world around you on a deeper level, and stop feeling lost in it all?

You are here to understand who you are on a spiritual level, and how to heal and access your divine birthright as a Soul. You may have already begun to see the world in a different light or have had experiences that have opened you up to something greater than what you've been taught in other settings. This membership will provide the tools you need to continue down that path toward self-actualization, personal growth, and spiritual wellness."


If this is something that resonates with you, then Soul Purpose School will help you get there.

The Spirit Fluent Programs are designed to get you on the fast track to a deeper spiritual connection and help you create the spiritual lifestyle of your dreams.

This program is like a “Netflix of Spirituality” with new content being added regularly. You get live support and accountability with other members and can meet new like-minded friends.


Stacee brings a down-to-earth and no bs approach to helping you discover, develop and live your spiritual purpose. This membership will give you the tools to make healing happen. 


Stacee Magee medical intuitive

What does it mean to be Spirit Fluent? It means that you have developed a level of awareness within yourself so high, that you are able to communicate with your high self at a soul level. You have cultivated an inner spiritual language, allowing you to communicate and connect with those around you on a whole new level.

It takes curiosity. 

It takes courage. 

It takes faith.

I believe in you. 

If you just have a bit of faith that miracles are possible; that's enough! Sign up with the Spirit Fluent Membership! 

I want to make sure people are making informed decisions before they waste their time and money investing in things that don't serve their highest good or even worse put them in a vulnerable position. Please make sure that joining any paid courses will not put a financial strain on you, your budget, or your family. ** Masterclasses are not included in the membership programs(these are classes with purple and blue backgrounds. 

Pick your Path

  • Spirit Fluent

    Every month
    • All Courses and Classes
    • Memebership to Awesome Groups
    • Inutitive Guidance and Development Courses

This plan will auto-renew unless you cancel it.


Spirit Fluent Courses

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