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Ignite Your Soul's Journey to Healing and Transformation! 

Are you looking for guidance, healing, and a deeper connection to your spiritual path? 

There are three amazing ways to work with Stacee, so read on and choose the path that resonates with you!

  1. Free Friday Healing Calls: Spirit Fluent believes in the power of generosity and wants to support as many souls as possible on their healing journey. Join Stacee every Friday for free readings and spiritual healing. It's an incredible opportunity to receive guidance and experience the transformative power of spiritual healing. Don't miss out on this gift of healing and connection! 

  2. Spirit Fluent Community: Ready to dive deep into healing and connect with a like-minded community on the same journey as you? Join the Spirit Fluent community! As a member, you gain exclusive access to events and classes specifically designed to help you expand your spiritual knowledge. Plus, you'll have the chance to participate in private group readings guided by Stacee herself. It's a supportive space where you can grow and thrive together on your spiritual path. 

  3. Private Sessions with Stacee: If you're seeking a more personalized and intimate healing experience, grab a private session with Stacee. In these one-on-one sessions, you'll have the opportunity to explore various areas of healing, including soul purpose discovery, medical intuition, and energy readings. Prepare to be amazed as Stacee shares her magic and guides you towards unlocking your true potential. 🌠

Choose the path that resonates with you and let Stacee's guidance light the way.

Free Friday Healing Calls

Hello Friday! If the idea of talking about energy and your chakras sprinkled with a free reading or two for an hour excites you… join us for our monthly group calls with Stacee!

Group Readings

Connect to Spirit and the magic of the universe and join Virtual group readings with Stacee for members of the Spirit Fluent Community! 2 memebers will be chosen for a reading with Stacee on each call! 

Private Calls with Stacee

Are you feeling stuck?

Are your chakras in a rut?

Are you unsure what you need to be happier and healthier, but know that eating more kale is not the answer? Join Stacee for a private reading to discover your soul purpose or recieve on her famous medial intuitive readings!

Mentorship with Stacee

I'm thrilled to announce that I've just opened up an exclusive, private mentorship program for spiritual development. This is an intensive three-month commitment, with access to guidance like never before.

Here's the scoop - I only have three spots available. Yes, you read that right, just three, and it's my only intake for the coming year.

This opportunity isn't for the faint of heart. It's for those ready to invest significant time and resources into their spiritual journey, to transform, grow, and truly unlock their potential.

Over the course of three months, you'll have:

  • 4 personal calls a month with me. These sessions are your safe space to explore, ask, learn and grow.

  • Text support. This means direct, personalized advice right at your fingertips, allowing real-time guidance as you navigate your spiritual path.

Given the intensive nature of this mentorship, I have just three spots available. This provides an intimate, focused setting where I can give each of you the attention and guidance you need.

What type of call is best for you?

Energy Reading 

Discover what you need to be healthier, happier, and more successful in your life. Energy Reading is a session where we focus on understanding emotional, and energetic blocks that create imbalances in your life. Tattoo/Birthmark Readings

Medical Intuitive Reading 

If you have been searching for the spiritual root of your illness click here to book a private session with me.  The objective of this reading is to understand the physical, emotional, and energetic blocks that are creating physical imbalances in your life.  

Soul Purpose Reading 

The time has come to discover who you truly are and the life purpose you were born to live. The call is perfect for those who feel stuck in their life and are looking for intuitive guidance on discovering who they are and why they are here. My gifts let me see and feel your purpose and help you align with it.

Autism/Special Needs

One of my favorite gifts is the beautiful blessing of communicating with Non-Verbal Children. It brings such light to my soul to share these special readings with these beautiful children and their families. These free calls can include medical scans or just communicating with children and understanding their needs. These are done monthy via group readings. Join here...


Helpful info about booking a call with me...

Please keep in mind my waitlist can last months, so if you see an open on my calendar spot grab it! Getting on my waitlist will not get you an appointment sooner if there are openings. 

Arizona tends to be a bit rebellious and doesn't celebrate the twice-annual festivities of daylight savings time. My booking system will automatically convert time zones and will send you reminder emails and texts for the correct time. However, if you need help, this link will help you convert the time for your calls

I am humbled by the number of people that have requested my help. I know that appointments have filled quickly, so I have a few ideas to help as many people as possible. Here are some things that will help you book with me. Due to high demand and to better help those who need help urgently, Medical/Healing Calls are now by application, please submit your application, and we will evaluate your application as soon as possible. 

All calls are via Zoom. If you don't have zoom, you can download it for free via the app store or here. I do not offer phone call sessions. 


 If you find that there are no available appointment times, please check back often for new openings. I also offer many classes and programs to help you on your journey here 

Make sure you follow me on TikTok @SpiritFluent I often go live to do group mini-readings and try to read as many people as possible. 

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