Hi I'm Stacee

 I am a spiritual human on a journey just like anyone else. About 4 years ago, I had a profound spiritual awakening that changed the course of my life forever.  I went from running my own manufacturing business with two patents to an ever-evolving spiritual human just like you. My life has been a road of ups and downs, I am far from a perfect person and have made many mistakes. One thing I know is that if I can make one person's life better by knowing me, then I have succeeded. I invite you to take this journey with me, sign up for the forum, volunteer to help make the Spirit Fluent App or find ways to work with me below. 

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My Story

Growing up, my father, Dr. Frank Sweet, often scolded me, “You will learn the hard way or the easy way. Either way, you will learn.” God bless my parents for what they put up with me doing throughout my teenage years, as I was often a source of stress and chaos (that’s putting it lightly) to them. 


It wasn’t until years later that I fully understood what my father was trying to teach me in that phrase he spoke so often to me. I spent the better part of my life learning everything the hard way, ignoring the advice of those that had walked the path before me. I chose to blaze my own paths, which often led to some self-destruction along the way.


You see, I was born with a bit of a destiny, whether I wanted it or not. I was told that because I was born on a solar eclipse. I was "dusted" with the eclipse's energy. It is said that a child who is born under a solar eclipse has a great destiny. They are here to teach by living an exemplary like Christ or Buddha, or they are here to teach understanding through making all of the mistakes. Yeah, I was the latter, making all of the mistakes and then teaching from what I learned. My destiny was great, but everything was learned by walking the painful and difficult path. 

My birth contract with the Universe is to spread knowledge and healing energy on the Earth, to help with the growth and evolution of the planet. As I mastered the painful lessons I had to learn, it was said by the oracles that the entire world would learn from them — creating, in part, a Universal balance. Talk about big shoes to fill! I am here to learn my lessons and share them with you.

Here I am, after picking myself up for the millionth time and dusting myself off from half a lifetime of lessons. I present myself to you as a teacher, guide, possibly a guru of sorts, to share what you need to know about your birthmarks, how to heal your soul, what your purpose is, and so much more. I am here on this dusty little planet, fulfilling my covenant with the Universe to share these teachings with you, my friend.


With Love,


Work With Me..

There are three ways to work with me.

New Sessions are added weekly, so check back if none are available.

Arizona tends to be a bit rebellious and doesn't celebrate the twice-annual festivities of daylight savings time. My booking system will automatically convert time zones and will send you reminder emails and texts, for the correct time. However if you need help this link will help you convert the time for your calls, https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

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Find out what you need to know about yourself, life, birthmarks, health and purpose.


Medical &


These are free calls for those who need help understanding or spiritual healing surrounding health or illness



Intuitive business strategy sessions for Spiritual Entreprenuers

I am humbled by the number of people that have requested my help. I know that appointments have filled quickly, so I have a few ideas to try to help as many people as possible. Here are some things that will help you book with me. Due to high demand and to better help those who need help urgently, Medical/Healing Calls are now by application, please submit your application and we will evaluate your application as soon as possible. 

All calls are via Zoom, if you don't have zoom you can download it for free via the app store or here .  I do not offer phone call sessions. 


1. If you find that there are no available appointment times you may sign up on my waitlist to be notified of new openings or cancelations at this Google Form

2. Make sure you are following me on TikTok @ SpiritFluent I do go live often to do group mini readings and try to read as many people as possible. 


3. Spirit Fluent Group Healing Zoom calls will be held every Friday night at 5pm MST where I will do group medical readings and healings. This is free to attend you only need to sign up to get an email reminder and log-in info for the call. Sign up Here

Gifts of Grattitude

At the request of clients, I am adding these links to share with you if you choose to send a gift of gratitude. While my healing calls are free, and payment is not expected, I will provide these links to those that would like to send a gift of gratitude. 


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