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 Welcome to Spirit Fluent Groups!

We have three different membership levels, and each comes with its own group color:

Blue groups are Awakening Zone groups—these are open to anyone, even if you haven't purchased a membership. You'll find great content for those new to spirituality here. If you've just started your spiritual journey, these groups are a great way to get started!

Pink and galaxy background groups are Becoming Spirit Fluent Groups—these are full-access groups that come with more advanced content, like meditations, videos, and more.

Purple groups are Soul Purpose School—these are our private school groups that teach all sorts of topics related to your soul purpose. If you're interested in learning about your spiritual gifts and soul purpose, these are the groups for you!

Variegated background groups aren't included in membership programs; instead, they're hosted by other spiritual people or communities for courses not included in our membership program.  If you're interested in having your own group on the Spirit Fluent platform, fill out this form.
We can't approve everyone, but if we have a place for you, we'll offer you your own exclusive group on Spirit Fluent to build your own platform.

Join a Membership Plan


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