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Intolight Medical Intuitive Certification

Do you want to become a trusted medical intuitive?

With the Medical Intolight@ certification program, you can.


We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Medical Intolight@ certification program! This course will be the most extensive certification in the world, and it will teach you how to become trusted by patients and clients as a spiritual Intolight@ practitioner. We know how hard it is to find a career in which you can use your gifts, so we're here to help you make that happen. The Medical Intolight@ certification program will help you become a trusted medical intuitive and give you the skills to support your clients by helping them heal their bodies, minds, and spirits.


Our goal is to provide a space for people to learn how to use their own gifts and skills to help others. We are excited that you have joined us today and would like to thank you for your interest in our work.


You will learn:

- Energetic Anatomy/Physiology

- The science behind energy healing and medical intuition

- How energy works with the body's natural systems

- How to use your spiritual abilities responsibly and ethically as a healer

- What it takes to become an Intolight® Certified Practitioner.


September 2023 Course Schedule- 25 weeks of self guide training

Ethics and responsibilities 2 weeks

Working with clients(Disclaimers/Disclosures/Insurance)

Personal Protection and Grounding 2 weeks

Medical IntolIight© Level One Session

Note Taking and working with clients 2 weeks

Advanced Energy Colors and their meanings 2 weeks

Chakras and how they connect to the body 2 week

Personal Intuition & Forgoing Ego 1 week

Spiritual Anatomy and Physiology 1( What the spiritual meaning and connections of the body are) 8 weeks

Energy Flow of the Body and Reading Energy(4 Weeks)

BodyScan Techniques (2 Weeks)

Client Practicals: Exclusive group to help you practice with volunteer clients


Certification requirements

Completion of all classes

Grades 80% or better on all tests and quizzes

100 Practicum Hours ( free sessions completed on your own time)

2 Recorded Sessions are to be Submitted for Grading/Certification


Payment plans are available This is an advanced course, prerequisite- Energy Intolight@ Certification, Radiant Academy PCC credentials, Reiki Master, Mental healthcare, and/or Previous Medical Background needed to fully understand all concepts, please email if you have questions if you qualify)

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