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Welcome to Spirit Fluent Podcast with Stacee Magee. She's a medical intuitive and master healer who has helped thousands of people tap into their own energy, heal their bodies, and connect with their soul's purpose. In other words? She knows her stuff—and she wants to teach you everything she's learned from her unique vantage point. In this podcast, Stacee explores the unseen world of the spiritual and healing—all using her signature mix of wisdom, humor, and practical advice. You'll hear more about how we can relate to the energetic world around us, and how you can learn to speak the language of your soul. If you have questions about why you're here on earth or what your soul's purpose is (and if you've been curious about the unseen world), this podcast is for you.

Stacee Magee Medical Intuitive

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Hi! I'm Stacee, and I'm fluent in all things spiritual.

You won't be surprised to hear that I get a lot of questions. And while I would love to answer every single one individually, the reality is that it isn't always possible. But don't worry! Some of my followers have asked me to create a space where you can submit questions you want me to answer so that I can make sure my classes, content, podcast episodes, and TikTok videos address topics that are important to you.

So go ahead- ask away!

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PS: My assistant and volunteers will help me read these questions. This is not a space to ask questions you're not comfortable with being shared publicly or for personal questions or readings.  If you would like a reading, click here.

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