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Come on a journey of self-discovery and healing with renowned medical intuitive Stacee Magee. 
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A journal for those whose spiritual awakening is not hearts and flowers and magic...

Where do you envision your journey taking you today?

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HelloSpiritual Human.

You're here for a reason, and I'm going to tell you some stuff about you.

You're probably a giving person, but you get burned because sometimes you do too much for others, or you burn out.

You probably have childhood trauma or deep generational trauma that needs healing, but you've been ignoring it.

You have been trying to figure out who you are or what your purpose is for a long time. You are almost at your point of giving up, but somehow, you get up and try each morning.

You probably have a chronic illness you have been trying to heal for a long time.

If this is you, my spiritual human, I want you to know that you are in the right place. Spirit Fluent is a gathering place for Spiritual Humans, and I am your guide, Stacee Magee. Join me as I guide you on your spiritual journey of healing the body, mind, and soul.

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