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Are you ready to discover your soul language? And do you want to learn how to heal your body, mind, and soul?

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Tea, conversation, and a dash of spiritual guidance.

Spirit FLuent is the newest podcast that covers all things spiritual. From conversations with special guests to answering listener questions, Stacee is your go-to for all things spiritual/medical intuitive.

Awaken you to your higher self and communicate with the divinity within

Who are you?  Why are you here?  What is holding you back?


 We have all asked ourselves these questions at some point.


It has become apparent that we are not sure why we ended up here, living on this earth. What choice did we actually have?


The place we were born, our parents, our family, our lives are all choices we make with the distinct purpose of learning and growing. 


I want to help you discover your real purpose, how to manifest your unique superpowers, and how to overcome challenges in your life.


The only way you can fulfill your purpose in life and live your soul's purpose is to understand who you really are.

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