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A journal for those whose spiritual awakening is not hearts and flowers and magic. Spiritual awakening can be a complete shit show, and this journal is designed for all of those who are white-knuckling the rollercoaster of spiritual hell sprinkled with magic that is called a spiritual awakening. Maybe a journal sprinkled with spiritual therapy, releasing old traumas, or just bitching about a rough day, either way, this journal is one where you will have powerful moments of self-discovery combined with a need to burn some of the pages along the way.


Based on the work of Stacee Magee, the creator of Spirit Fluent, who is a Psychic Weirdo who guides Spiritual Humans in discovering who they really are and how to heal all the shit traumas from their pasts.

Image of the journal, my spiritual awakening is a shit show and cup of coffee
Inside photo of the Spiritual AWakening is a shit show journal

A journal, to help you on your journey through that shit show we call life.......

happy woman holding a copy of my spiritual awakening is a shit show journal
A young woman- reading the spiritual awakening is a shit show journal at a campsite.
Woman holding a jounal up 
 her face
Woman happily holding a journal