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A journal for those whose spiritual awakening is not hearts and flowers and magic. Spiritual awakening can be a complete shit show, and this journal is designed for all of those who are white-knuckling the rollercoaster of spiritual hell sprinkled with magic that is called a spiritual awakening. Maybe a journal sprinkled with spiritual therapy, releasing old traumas, or just bitching about a rough day, either way, this journal is one where you will have powerful moments of self-discovery combined with a need to burn some of the pages along the way.


Based on the work of Stacee Magee, the creator of Spirit Fluent, who is a Psychic Weirdo who guides Spiritual Humans in discovering who they really are and how to heal all the shit traumas from their pasts.

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Inside photo of the Spiritual AWakening is a shit show journal

A journal, to help you on your journey through that shit show we call life.......

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