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The Secret Messages of Birthmarks

Messages give us strength, and there's no exception for the message your birthmark carries!

Discovery, self-discovery, is a fascinating process… 


It begins with a question, a question that needs an answer beyond what already exists in the physical reality.


One of the enigmatic questions those with birthmarks have is why? Why was my skin marked? What does it mean? Is it a form of punishment? Maybe a curse? Can I blame this on my mom, my parents? Really, who can I blame for this mark on my skin?


For a long time, the answers to these questions remained a mystery, filled in with stories, folklore, and old wives' tales. Even science couldn't give an exact answer to the reason why we are born with birthmarks. Those who carried these marks continued through their lives, often shunned, shamed, and discouraged as they tried to search for a reason for our existence, a purpose to their life, or just a way to delete and remove the offensive mark. 

Sometimes we are okay with the answers that the world gives us, our parents tell us, or the words in a book explain. We accept what we have been told as truth, absolutes never to be questioned. Yet this book is not full of absolutes, instead of messages. This book contains secret messages to help you unlock and decode the answers you have always sought about yourself and the marks on your skin. 


The answers to why, how, and a map to guide you into understanding the course of your soul's purpose are contained within your birthmarks and in this book. It is a guide to help you discover the most critical questions of who you are.

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You are in the know!

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