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How Does Your Tattoo Connect to Your Spiritual Energy?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Tattoo Energy

I was told that I had an energy leakage.

Taken aback by the sudden revelation, I asked the woman. The answer might surprise you. She said that people with tattoos seemed to have some sort of energy discharge.

I had a moment of realization – it was indeed mind-blogging.

Embarking on an extraordinary voyage together, I want to take you on a journey that delves into the realms of energy, spirituality, and tattoos. Our bodies are not merely physical vessels; they are also energetic beings intertwined with the spiritual essence that animates us. By understanding this connection, we can uncover the profound healing and protective power of tattoos.

We Are Energies

Before you start picturing lab coats and complicated scientific jargon, let's take a step back.

When we peer into the depths of our existence, through the lens of the microscopic realm, we unveil a mesmerizing spectacle—a graceful dance of vibrant energy. Every element that surrounds us, from the minutest particle to the majestic peaks of mountains, is intricately woven from these pulsating waves of energy. It's like we are all part of a magnificent symphony, each vibrating at our unique frequency.

Western medicine has barely scratched the surface in grasping this magical power within us. There have been pioneers throughout history who recognized the significance of energy. Trailblazers like Nikola Tesla and countless others have shed light on the profound impact energy has on our bodies and minds. These discoveries, often rediscoveries of ancient knowledge held by shamans, healers, and medicine people, are now being validated by science.

In this modern world, where our lives are consumed by digital distractions and constant noise, we have regrettably lost touch with our innate ability to sense and connect with the subtle flow of energy within us. Yet, take heart, for there is much we can rediscover and learn.

What is Energy?

To begin with, energy, often referred to as spirit, soul, prana, or qi, is the life force that resides within us. It is this energy that must be in balance for us to experience overall well-being—balance in health, body, mind, and soul. When this energy flow is disrupted, whether through emotional trauma or other life experiences, illness and injury may manifest.

Energy and Tattoos: A Spiritual Connection

Now, let's talk about tattoos. They are not merely decorative ink on our skin; they hold a deeper significance. Imagine them as conduits of healing and release, offering a path to clear energetic blocks caused by emotional wounds. Tattoos can be a form of self-healing, a way to reclaim power over our bodies and our journey towards healing.

So, what's the spiritual connection between energy and tattoo?

I vividly recall an experience where a woman with a fascinating machine scanned the energy field of my scorpion tattoo. She noticed something intriguing—people with tattoos seemed to have some form of energy leakage. This revelation set my mind racing, connecting the dots between energy healing, tattoos, and the emotional blocks we carry within us.

In that moment, I understood that tattoos are not self-harm; they are an avenue for profound healing and release. They allow us to tap into the deep well of wisdom and strength within ourselves. Each tattoo holds a unique energy, capable of providing healing and release depending on its placement on the body.

As an energy healer and Reiki Master, I had always known that our bodies hold immense wisdom. But this realization about tattoos took my understanding to a whole new level. They became more than art—they became a gateway to unlock the healing power within us.

Through prayer and meditation, I connected with Spirit and received a profound revelation about tattoos. They are not mere symbols etched onto our skin; they carry spiritual meaning and purpose. Each intentional piece of art holds the potential to transform and guide us on our journey.

Spiritual Meaning of Tattoos

In my upcoming book, "Tattoo Medicine: The Spiritual Meaning of Tattoos," I explore the fascinating realm of tattoos and their spiritual significance in detail. I share stories, insights, and guidance to help you embark on your own transformative tattoo journey.

So, stay tuned, as I will soon be sharing more about the universal laws that govern tattoos and how they intertwine with our spiritual selves. Understanding these universal laws will deepen our appreciation for the sacredness of tattoos and their potential to facilitate healing, protection, and personal growth.

Universal Laws

The universe is complex. It is so profound that there is a mystical connection between tattoos and the universal laws that govern our existence. These laws shape our experiences and how tattoos can serve as powerful symbols that align with these cosmic principles.

Therefore, I encourage you to ponder the concept of energy. Picture the energies as the vibrant essence that flows through every fiber of your being. Pause for a serene moment, allowing introspection to envelop you, as you reflect on the significance of tattoos in your own life, whether you have one or not. How do they resonate with you? Have you ever considered the possibility that tattoos hold a spiritual meaning beyond their visual appeal?

Maybe it is time to explore and seek for answers.

Books about Energy & Spirituality

If you are looking for book recommendations about energy, spirituality and related topics, check my website. I share a list of books that you can immerse yourself, and let your curiosity guide you towards a deeper understanding of your energetic self.

Remember, you are a radiant being of energy, intricately connected to the vast tapestry of the Universe. And as we uncover the spiritual meaning of tattoos together, we open ourselves to the transformative power they hold.

Need enlightenment?

If you are curious about your tattoos and how it affects your energy, Stacee got your back. Ask her questions and feel free to release your worries.

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