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Healing the Inner Teen: Embracing Your Soul's True Path

Teen playing with tennis as a healing
Healing Inner Teen

In the realm of soulful exploration, we often journey into the subconscious, peering deep into the layers of our being—conscious, subconscious, and the ethereal domain of the soul. Amidst this sacred excavation, a profound revelation emerges—our inner teen, that elusive fragment of the subconscious, can hold the reins of our destiny. It's a notion that has caught my attention in my soul-seeking journey and that of my clients, leading me to ponder its profound impact on our lives.

Unraveling Soul Fractures and Childhood Traumas

When the inner teen takes center stage in our subconscious, it possesses the power to wreak havoc on our emotional landscape. I've come to realize that even my inner teen has at times stirred unrest in my own existence. Our subconscious, a treasure trove of fragmented experiences, carries soul fractures—the remnants of traumatic events left behind as reminders in the tapestry of time.

The Development of the Inner Teen: From Womb to Young Adulthood

Childhood trauma becomes the architect of these soul fractures, as traumas that often predate the teen years accumulate and pile up like unfinished stories in our hearts. Our inner team, that ensemble of consciousness comprising the inner child, the young teen, and the young adult, bears the brunt of these unresolved traumas. Their development unfolds in distinct timelines, and each harbors its unique wounds.

Signs of Wounded Energy and Resisting Self-Discovery

So, how do we know when our energy is wounded? Signs emerge, often akin to a midlife crisis, where we might impulsively change our lifestyles or indulge in rash behaviors. These moments are our inner teen's whisperings, yearning for us to revisit the past, asking ourselves: "Did I conform then? Did I wear what others wanted me to wear?" This revelation hit home for me when tie-dye, once condemned as ugly and out of fashion, now became a healing balm for my inner teen.

Methods to Heal the Inner Teen and Embrace Your Authenticity

Autonomic writing - a soulful journaling for inner teen healing
Autonomic writing

Healing the inner teen beckons us towards a journey of rediscovery—a process of shedding masks and embracing our true selves. It's about establishing boundaries, unapologetically saying no, and learning the art of rebellion when needed. For some, rebellion might hold the key to unearthing their authentic essence, allowing them to break free from societal norms and embrace their passions without fear.

The pathway to inner teen healing is multifaceted, and I encourage you to explore and connect with your wounded inner teen through autonomic writing—a soulful journaling exercise focused on your inner teen's voice. The process may be confounding at times, but write without judgment, for your subconscious hides many secrets that can be unveiled through this practice.

Seek the original injury that initiated the ripple of trauma, for it is the key to unlocking your inner teen's revolt. By peeling back the layers, you may find seemingly inconsequential memories like ice cream, leading you to the core wound inflicted by a loved one's hurtful words. As the layers unfurl, you will witness your inner teen's resistance transforming into the language of healing.

Inner teen healing is a poignant journey, encompassing both darkness and illumination. Embrace the process with patience, for its profound impact may not materialize overnight. You have to delve deeper into your soul fractures, seeking the pieces that have scattered through time. The essence of healing is finding your path of least resistance, honoring your subconscious's pace, and acknowledging its wisdom.

Embracing Authenticity and Rediscovering Self through Inner Teen Healing

Young adult woman playing with bubbles as a sign of healing
Healing the inner teen

When you tenderly heal your inner teen, you reclaim the fragments of your power, dissolving feelings of powerlessness. Embrace this transformation, dear soul, and let your authentic self radiate brilliantly. As you heal, you will find yourself walking the path that your inner teen once denied you—a path where your purpose and your soul intertwine seamlessly.

In the beauty of this journey, we awaken to the truth—the soul knows its purpose, and it has whispered it to you all along. Trust your inner teen's revival and bask in the authenticity that awaits you. For when you heal your inner teen, you embrace your soul's true path, and life unfolds in a dance of purpose, love, and boundless joy.

You can learn more about healing your inner teen, I re-uploaded the Inner Healing Teen class on YouTube. Let me know your thoughts.

Book recommendations

In relation to this topic, I’d love to recommend the 56-card deck and guidebook, The Sacred Medicine Oracle by Asha Frost. It’s about learning more about yourself and healing yourself.

Need enlightenment?

If the journey to healing your inner child has ignited your curiosity and you find yourself yearning for enlightenment, fear not! Stacee is here to support you every step of the way — whether you have questions swirling in your heart or simply wish to unburden your soul, she's ready to lend a listening ear.

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