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Thank you!

I look forward to meeting you soon! Take a couple of minutes to watch this video and read the info below before your call to learn more about how calls with me work! 

While calls for special needs children are free your donation or gift of gratitude is appreciated. These can be sent to or Venmo @SpiritFluent

About Your Call
Calls are now held on Google Meet, if you want your call recorded please ask Stacee to hit record at the begining of your session! 

Download your free digital copy of  My Spiritual Awakening is a Shit-show Journal by clicking the pdf icon. You honest reveiws are appricated, if you feel inclined to reveiw you can do so here.

FAQ and Important call information.


The purpose of your call is to support you and to give you strength during your journey

You have all been wonderful to me and I appreciate you allowing me to share my gifts with you.


You can take advantage of the Free classes offered on my website and YouTube to support your journey while you wait for your call. 

Before our call, please download Google Meet  and make sure you know how to use it. If you don't have this in place, it can seriously delay your session. Make sure your speakers and connection are working. Because of my busy schedule, I cannot reschedule calls with connectivity issues or zoom problems, so please check this before your call.

If you do not have an adequate internet connection, dropped calls or user error, we will not be able to reschedule your call. 

Be sure that you're in a quiet area. Crowded areas, birthday parties, and airports may not be the best places to make your calls. If Stacee has to end the call due to distractions we will not be able to refund or reschedule. 

  All call recordings are copyrighted to Spirit Fluent & Girl Genius LLC, no public replay of any content, session or class may be publicly displayed, posted online in any capacity, on social media, or shared without express written consent of Spirit Fluent/GirlGenius LLC. Unless otherwise approved in advance with me or Nancy, please do not invite other people to your call, as it will be recorded and you can share that with friends and family later. Calls and recordings are not for public or commercial release without the written approval of Spirit Fluent and/or Stacee. Calls are copyrighted and may not be recorded without the express written permission of Spirit Fluent.

Please show up to your call on time! In the event that you do not contact me within 5 minutes of your scheduled start time, I will consider it a no-show. Zoom is available to you from anywhere in the world, so please honor both of us by being on time. No shows are non-refundable. All calls are held at AZ/MST please be aware Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time, if your state does please double check the time of your call. 

I would suggest drinking some water before our call because well hydrated energy helps us read more clearly.

Please be aware of the type of call you have booked since energy readings are different from medical readings, etc, so if you booked the wrong call, please let me know as soon as possible if there is a problem. All calls are non-refundable.

My services do not include fortune telling, romance readings, job or money readings. Don't ask, because I will have to end the call and it will be non-refundable. I do not read other people's energy without their permission, with the exception of minor children with parental permission.

It is possible that your call will trigger you at times or bring up old wounds or traumas. While I am not a doctor or therapist, as a certified life coach with trauma training, I will support you as I can. However, if you feel overwhelmed and must stop reading for any reason, please feel free to let me know.

Keep in mind that the advice you receive is not medical, financial, or mental health advice in nature. Talk to a professional or caregiver. My calls are to complement and support the treatments you are already using. Do not stop taking your medications or start taking supplements or medications without consulting your healthcare provider. Local authorities may view this as entertainment only, depending on your local laws.

For questions please email 

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