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Soul Guide Mentorship

A journey to greater understanding of & peace...

You will experience a shift in your emotional intelligence and spiritual knowledge. Your self-healing techniques will grow stronger, you'll be able to share yourself more fully with the world, release all of the blocks that were holding you back from being who you really want to be. Connecting on an individual level is just one way we can help those looking for belonging - by connecting them with themselves first!

Belonging to and collaborating with the Spirit Fluent Mentoring community, a close-knit group of powerfully gifted Spiritual Humans. The mentoring experience is more than just the spiritual guidance you receive, it's also about how your life changes as a result of this newfound knowledge that has been missing from so many other areas in your life.


Finally feel seen and heard in a community that brings you together with others who are just like you.

You become spiritually and emotionally aware of yourself, your potential for growth, and discover in yourself what it is that makes up the most important part of life: meaning!


A Spiritual Mentorship

Who: Anyone who wants to develop spiritual gifts on a deeper level with the support of Stacee.

What: A intimate group of 12 Spiritual Humans for a 12-week mentorship program healing, transformative power of sisterhood, and receiving spiritual support.

  • We will have two 1 hour calls a week along with Voxer/text support.

  • Tickets to Becoming Spirit Fluent Live Event

When: TBD

Why: To develop and open up your own spiritual gifts. 

How: Weekly Group Coaching via zoom with Support

Most of us have heard the stories about people who found their life's purpose when they were at a low point or those that had never realized how much potential and talent there was in them before. 

We wish for a mentor or guide to teach us what they know so that it is not as hard as it may seem. That we don't feel lost and lonely in our world full of madness. 

You might think you're not spiritually gifted, but trust me. You are! The following is about why it's so important to use your unique talents and gifts for the greater good of humanity as a whole. 

Yes, I know this sounds like an advertisement, but please allow me to be honest with you: You have the power within you to do all these things already!

If you are looking for a mentor, if you want to connect with other spiritual people who can guide your journey and help teach you the path of enlightenment, I am here.

I will be here to guide you through learning to use your spiritual gifts. In addition, I will connect you with an intimate group of other spiritual humans who are on the same path that you can create a bond and a camaraderie with.


In this program, you will learn to master your body's own healing abilities, your spiritual gifts, and hold a powerful space so that you can fully utilize your own inner magic.

This mentorship is beautiful guided mentorship consisting of 12 magical weeks together. You work with me in an intimate group setting to grow your spiritual gifts. In addition, we will have two days of class together to discover and develop your gifts with other Spiritual Humans just like you!

I will send you a beautifully curated special gift consisting of a journal and some crystals.

You will have your own private group to ask me any questions that you need to ask me what you want to know!

And together, we will complete the sacred Soul journey.
Time is growing short, there's not much time left to develop the gifts. The world is in great need of Healers of spiritual gifts. But, significant change is coming, and you must decide if you want to be a part of that.

 If you feel called to work with me, join below. You will have the option of paying in full or making payments on this program. 


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Have a beautiful day, my spiritual humans.
I look forward to seeing you in this Soul Guide Mentorship!

Disclosure: This experience is spiritual in nature and is not for the faint of heart!  In addition, it is not suitable for those just beginning the healing process or dealing with mental illness(If you have untreated mental health issues, please seek support and then return for our next mentoring round). Our first step will be to go right into our original wounds, allowing us to heal a very natural part of our soul so that our gifts can be more accessible. ​This Mentoring program is not training in specific healing modalities. You may have already received training in your modality of choice, or you may need additional training both during and after this mentorship program, which will allow you to strengthen the gifts you awaken during the program. This mentorship will be that this mentorship will be a pre-requisite before enrolling in Spirit Fluent Healer certifications if you are interested in becoming certified. This mentorship is non-refundable. Please be sure you have the time, space, and monetary support, and means to take this program. Do not take this program if it will be a financial strain or hardship. There is no guarantee of results with this program. It is not meant to diagnose, treat or prescribe. This is not medical advice.

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